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Pure Magnesium Oil Spray – Big 12 Fl Oz (Lasts 9 Months) 100% Natural, USP Grade = No Unhealthy Trace Minerals – from an Ancient Underground Permian Seabed in USA – Free Ebook Included


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  • The Highest Quality – you get one of the purest natural magnesium chloride available
  • The Best Way To Get Magnesium – you get 100% absorbable elemental magnesium delivered directly to cellular level through skin. Mined as a liquid in its ionic state, it requires no further processing by your body.
  • This Pure Magnesium Oil Spray Works – it’s considered to be one of the best natural remedies for sore muscles, leg cramps, headaches, migreins & various bodily aches. It also helps you relax in the evening and throughout the night.
  • Made in the USA. Big size 12 oz topical transdermal magnesium spray
  • This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Product Description

Why Are We Deficient?

-Magnesium in soil has shown a dramatic decrease in the last 50 years. Meaning the foods we eat have less!

– Daily consumption of caffeine, modern medications, and more, leach the magnesium mineral from our systems faster than we can replace it.

100% Absorbable

The best way to boost your magnesium levels is via Pure Magnesium Oil. With Mg oil you’re getting 100% absorbable elemental mg delivered directly to the cellular level through your skin. It utilizes the bloodstream to circulate throughout the entire body and intelligently deliver magnesium to the specific sites where your body needs it most.

Highest Quality

We use the very best Magnesium Oil available on the market. Our Magnesium Oil is mined from its purest state, deep within a 250 million year-old Permian Seabed in the Southern United States.

Quality without Compromise

Make sure your Mg oil is purified and tested. Seven Minerals Mg oil exceeds United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards to bring you a high quality product. Our Mg Oil is tested to U.S. Pharmacopeia / USP by PhD chemists to ensure that it is safe and 100% pure. There are very few brands on the market that can claim such purity about their Magnesium Oil.

Frequently Asked Questions


While the magnesium goes to work immediately, the key is to have patience and be consistent as it may take some time before you see the full desired result. For some issues, Magnesium Oil works right away, but for others it could take several weeks to see any changes. If your body is severely magnesium deficient, it could take even longer. We recommend customers to use the oil every day for at least 3 to 4 weeks to give the Magnesium Oil a sufficient amount of time to take full effect. We’ve included even more info in our e-book that comes with your purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions


If the product makes your skin feel itchy, it can mean that your Magnesium levels are extremely low. Itchiness is often a side effect when magnesium deficient skin is first introduced to Magnesium Oil. This «urgency reaction» causes the blood vessels to open quickly, creating friction under the skin. This sensation and other side effects should subside when the product is used consistently and the body no longer has the «urgency reaction». It can also be caused by the small amount of salt residue left on your skin.

There are many ways to help mediate this side effect. We recommend that you rinse the oil off after 20 minutes of application, as the majority of the magnesium ions will be absorbed. We’ve included even more tips and tricks in our e-book that comes with your purchase!

USP Grade

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