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Purity Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Kit – 2 X 8Oz and 1 X 2Oz Lens Cleaner Spray Bottle + 2 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – Safe for All Lenses (AR Coated Included), Eyeglasses and Screens – Clear


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  • SAFE FOR ALL LENSES & SCREENS: Purity Lens Cleaner formula is extremely effective and will remove dirt, dust, oil and fingerprints safely from any lens or screen. Our eye glass lens cleaner spray can clean any type of lens or screen (AR coated and non-glare included).
  • STREAK-FREE: This eyeglass cleaner will clean and restore your glasses to the best clarity while leaving no streaks, residue or smudges. Rest assured, you will have a clean and clear vision once you clean your glasses with our eye glass lens cleaner.
  • 2 MICROFIBER CLOTHS INCLUDED: We have included our premium cleaning microfiber cloths made of high-density microfiber. The unique weave of our microfiber cloth traps dirt, dust, oil and fingerprints, keeping your eyeglasses as clean as possible without scratches.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Our glass cleaner spray is pH neutral, silicone-free, and fluorine-free, which makes it safe and gentle for cleaning all of your glasses and other items. Same grade of optical professionals’ lens cleaner.
  • MADE IN USA: We have been proudly and diligently manufacturing Purity Lens Cleaner in Ronkonkoma – NY for over 26 years. Buy our eye glasses lens cleaner with confidence. If you are not happy with our product, contact our 24/7 customer support.

Product Description

Value Pack – Purity Lens Cleaner Kit with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth​

All you need to preserve your eyewear lenses for a lifetime.

We have included high end microfiber glasses cleaner cloths densely woven in a honeycomb matrix pattern…​

For the ultimate soft cleaning touch.

Optical Professionals Quality Conveniently at Hand

Purity eyeglass cleaner is made with lab-grade Type II Deionized Water, an ultra-pure solution designed to keep your multi-coated lenses fully intact and spotless. Our powerful formula of eye glasses cleaner removes skin oils, dust, smudges, dirt, make-up, hairspray, and more! Use thislens cleaner with confidence, it’s family safe and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals:​

  • Fragrance Free;
  • Ammonia Free;
  • VOC Free;
  • Silicone-free;
  • Fluorine-free.

Purity Lens Cleaner has been designed for high end modern lenses and screens, including anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light, prescription, polarized, mirrored, and reading lenses. You’ll see great results on eyewear like eyeglasses, designer sunglasses, prescription glasses, goggles, and visors. This lens cleaning kit will work on all monitors and electronic devices screens, VR headsets included. Our value package comes with 100% microfiber cleaning cloths characterized by a soft, scratch free weave.

How to Use Purity Lens Cleaner Spray

Step 1 – Spray

Use the precision lens cleaner spray directly on the lens or on the included microfiber cloth. Remember, you just need a small spatter.

Step 2 – Apply

Apply the mist by gently wiping with a circular motion the microfiber cloth on the lens surface. Never apply on contact lenses and never put the solution in direct contact with your eyes.

Step 3 – Enjoy

Enjoy the crystal clear view of your lenses. And be proud of yourself, you are taking good care of your lenses!

Clean All Lenses and Screens
Effective on AR Lenses X
Travel Size X X X
Prevents Fog X X X
Benefits Easy-to-use liquid formula made with lab grade Type II Deionized Water. It cleans any lens and coating. Smudge-free and streak-free lens cleaner. Designed with an enhanced gel formula that safely cleans all lens types, AR coated included. Eliminates fog and condensation on eyewear lenses. It’s safe for all lenses. It is effective for all non-AR coated lenses. Refill gallon bottle. Take advantage of this value format and refill your precision spray bottles with the amazing technology of Purity Lens Cleaner.


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