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Quinine Tincture Extract Quinine Dried Bark Herbal Supplement Quinine Immune System Support Cinchona Bark Liquid Drops Alcohol and Gluten Free 2 Fl Oz


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  • BID LEG CRAMPS GOODBYE – Don’t let awful leg cramps keep you from getting enough sleep. Taking our cinchona pills regularly may help ease the discomfort and lessen its frequency of occurring.
  • SUPPORTS GOOD STOMACH HEALTH – Cinchona bark promotes the release of digestive juices. The flow of these juices may relieve the feeling of bloating or fullness and many other stomach problems.
  • ALL-NATURAL SUPPLEMENT – With our cinchona dietary supplement, you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking an organic, natural product. No GMOs, no fillers or binders, and no gluten, even!
  • IMPRESSIVE VALUE FOR MONEY – Get your money’s worth with the health supplement you’ll take! Each bottle of the product has 60 ml extracts!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If you aren’t pleased with the product that you received, get in touch with us. You are our first priority so we’ll make it right and issue you a refund or replacement.

Did you wake up with your leg stiff and in pain again?
Tightened muscles, pain you can’t ignore, and a seeming paralysis in your legs. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone. Leg cramps are very common, especially at night. In fact, according to experts, up to 60% of adults experience these unpleasant spasms.
While it’s certainly a horrible experience, it’s not always easy to pinpoint its cause. What you can do, however, is reduce your risk of experiencing this. One way of doing so is by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and stretching your muscles. Another way is with the help of our product.
Strengthen your defenses against leg cramps with FabLab Quinine Extracts!
Let the wonders of cinchona (Cinchona officinalis) work its magic on you! This wonderful tree bark has long been used to address nighttime leg cramps. We’ve added this potent ingredient in each gelatin extract we make, which may help relieve the pain of cramps and lower your risk for it.
Cinchona also supports proper digestive health, stimulating the flow of digestive juices. It may help relieve stomach problems, such as bloating or fullness.
The bark also promotes healthy blood vessels. It is a useful ingredient that may help fight against varicose veins as well as hemorrhoids.
Learn more about the product we’re offering here:
✅ Consult a physician before taking if pregnant or nursing
✅ Made in the USA
✅ Bottle of 2 Fl oz extracts
You deserve to sleep soundly without those nasty cramps. Order your own stock of FabLab Quinine Extracts today!


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